DSL Forge 0.9.1 is out!

//DSL Forge 0.9.1 is out!

DSL Forge 0.9.1 is out!

We had a successful year setting the ground for the DSL Forge to be more robust and useful for language developers. The tool is now more mature, and we are proud to announce the 0.9.1 release, with a better support for Xtext, an improved interaction between client and server parsers, and a more robust workspace management.

On the generated editors side, features like content assist and global scoping are now fully integrated and customizable. We’ve had interesting case studies, typical requests are about the integration with forms, views, and other third party widgets, the integration with Docker, the implementation of the Language Server Protocol, or the integration with Cloud IDEs such as Eclipse Dirigible. Unfortunately, by lack of resources, all feature requests have not been adressed in v0.9.1. However, users’ satisfaction being of most importance to us, we will continue next year to cover the requests the best we can.

The styled text widget on top of which the editors are built, have passed the Eclipse IP log review, and will be incubated under Eclipse RAP. Three languages are contributed as for now: Java, JavaScript, and JSON. The integration is fully based on ACE, the code is available on GitHub.

Another good news is the release of ANTLR 4.6 a couple of days ago, we did not evaluate yet the JavaScript target API but we do have such an integration in mind for 2017.

Coding Park’s IDE for Kids is also evolving, new sneaky levels are available now. It can take for your kid one hour of code easy, we’re working on how to evaluate the so-called coding style with quantified metrics, something funny and very instructive. Try it on CodingPark!

Update sites

v0.9.1 is available on the regular update sites:

  • https://www.dslforge.org/downloads/tooling/repository
  • https://www.dslforge.org/downloads/runtime/repository.

Older versions are available under:

  • https://www.dslforge.org/downloads/tooling/releases/{version}
  • https://www.dslforge.org/downloads/runtime/releases/{version}
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