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Collaboration at the Center of your Modeling Workflow

DSL Forge Workbench makes it possible to collaborate on the same modeling resources in real-time

The Generator of Domain-Specific Language #DSL editors for Web Applications

Input your grammar and get a text editor with a bunch of features given for free.

Syntax Highlighting

Display text in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms: keywords, references, strings,  line comments, block comments, etc.

Content Assist

Enhance user experience with content assist features such as autocompletion. The user is guided while typing with automatically computed proposals.

Syntax Validation

Define what statements are grammatically valid in your DSL, and display cutmized annotations and messages such as errors, warnings, and information.

Semantic Validation

In addition to syntax validation, additional rules can be specified to validate text semantically. Define validation rules to trigger on model (if any) behind text.

Snippet Proposals

Enhance content assist with accelerators and context-aware templates, so that users can create elaborated expressions in a more efficient way.

Text Hover

Display popups on top of specific language terms to provide additional information, such as a complete definition, links for additional resources, etc.

Code Folding

Selectively hide and display sections of language code, so that users view only the subsections of the text that are specifically relevant at a given time.


Provide guided tours for language users, by triggering popups at specific positions, for example to walk though different text blocks, or to present new features.

Theme Customization

The editor theme is fully customizable from CSS, including editor background, text font and size, annotation icons, content assist proposals icons, etc.

Professional Support

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