The Web is a Game Changer!

Get a full-featured Web Editor for the Language You Want!

Domain-specific language editors for web applications and cloud IDEs

A combination of powerfull technologies that lets you generate automatically web editors for whatever textual language you want. The generated editors come with a plenty of customizable features, ready to be deployed, whether your web application has a Java backend or a static HTML/JavaScript application.
Display text in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms: keyword, references, strings, comments, etc.
Enhance user experience with content assist and autocompletion. Guide the user through editing with filtered keywords and reference proposals.
Decide what statements are grammatically valid in your language. React to user input and display annotations and messages for errors, warnings, and information.
In addition to syntax validation, specify additional language-specific constraints. Trigger custom Java-based EMF validators and give user instant feed-back.
Provide your own language-specific templates. Enhance content assist with snippet proposals which let users easily create elaborated language constructions.
Display additional information about your language abstractions such as documentation on mouse hover.